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By registering on this site, you will become a Supporter of Executive Sisterhood and a member of a community who will take action to help women advance up the corporate ladder into promotional, executive, C-Suite and board roles, or to become successful entrepreneurs.

People of all genders, who are eighteen years or older and, who are citizens or residents of the United States, are invited to join the Executive Sisterhood community. A Supporter of Executive Sisterhood will help women by Taking Action in the following areas:


Inviting people to join the Executive Sisterhood community.


Informally or formally mentoring, coaching, teaching and empowering both peers as well as current and future female leaders.


Sponsoring women for executive positions.


Ensuring female representation and leadership on teams, both inside your organization and in outside firms your company may hire.


Hiring women-owned businesses to perform work.


Influencing male leaders to promote, mentor, and sponsor women, and to provide women with stretch assignments or roles.


Helping female entrepreneurs obtain capital and funding for their start-ups and businesses.


Individually and collectively advocating for other women, and advancing other women’s viewpoints.


Using shareholder voting power to ensure that female representation is increasing on company Boards of Directors and in the C-Suite.


Providing support to Executive Sisterhood either individually, or through companies and organizations, so that Executive Sisterhood can continue to grow its community, advance more women, and achieve its mission and vision.

After Taking Action, our Supporters and Members will post on the site, and share their activity, their experience and their successes with the Executive Sisterhood community.

Executive Sisterhood will periodically measure and track our community’s successes with advancing women in all of these areas.